Scenic Sweat – Denver’s Best Summertime Running Routes

Denver, famously known for its picturesque landscapes and outdoor lifestyle, is a runner’s paradise. With a growing community of runners, fitness enthusiasts, and athletes, the Mile-High City offers many beautiful running routes that cater runners of every level. Whether you’re training for the next Platte River Half Marathon & Relay in Littleton, or just looking to stay active during the summer, these top four summertime running routes will leave you invigorated and inspired.
Cherry Creek Trail is one of Denver's best summertime running routes

1. Cherry Creek Trail

Why You’ll Love It:

The Cherry Creek Trail is a favorite summertime running route among local runners for its scenic views and flat terrain. Stretching 42 miles, this trail offers a mix of urban and natural landscapes, making each run a laid-back adventure. You’ll pass through parks, commercial areas, and quiet neighborhoods, providing a diverse running experience.


  • Flat terrain, ideal for runners of all skill levels
  • Stunning views of Cherry Creek
  • Several convenient access points throughout Denver

2. Wash Park Loop

Why You’ll Love It:

Washington Park, affectionately known by locals as Wash Park, is a central hub for Denver’s running community. The 2.5-mile loop around the park is perfect for interval training, leisurely jogs, social runs with friends, or for practicing for a relay race. This urban oasis features a flat, hard-packed dirt surface shaded by various trees. Its vibrant atmosphere, beautiful flower gardens, and iconic Smith Lake make it a must-visit for every runner living in or visiting Denver.


  • Central location in one of Denver’s most beautiful neighborhoods
  • Diverse community atmosphere
  • Breath-taking scenery, lakes, and recreational areas
Wash Park Loop is one of Denver's most popular summertime running routes
The historic High Line Canal Trail is a favorite summertime running route in Denver

3. High Line Canal Trail

Why You’ll Love It:

The High Line Canal Trail offers 71 miles of historic and natural beauty for those seeking a longer route. It’s also one of the longest urban trails in the country and is designated as a National Landmark Trail.

This trail crosses multiple counties and provides a serene escape with its tranquil, tree-lined paths and meandering canal. There are plenty of benches where you can rest during a run and the cottonwoods offer plenty of shade to keep you cool, making it one of Denver’s best summertime running routes. It’s perfect for long-distance runners looking to immerse themselves in nature.


  • Extensive 71-mile trail
  • Rich historical significance
  • Tranquil, tree-lined pathways

4. Platte River Trail

Why You’ll Love It:

The Platte River Trail seamlessly blends urban and natural environments, offering runners a unique experience. This trail stretches approximately 44.7 miles following the South Platte River, providing easy access to some of Denver’s most iconic spots. It’s a popular choice for those wanting a dynamic run through some of Denver’s famous landmarks. You can even stop by Breckenridge Brewery near Reynold’s Landing Trailhead to grab a cold post-run beer with your friends!


  • Urban views mixed with natural scenery
  • Accessibility and connectivity to other pathways
  • Trail runs alongside the beautiful South Platte River
The Platte River Trail is a favorite summertime running route and home to our annual half-marathon & relay

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Denver’s summertime running routes are as diverse and vibrant as the city itself. Whether you’re a seasoned marathoner or just starting out, these trails offer an array of experiences that cater to every runner’s needs. Lace up your shoes and explore these fantastic routes for a refreshing and invigorating summer run and use them as training grounds for your next Denver race!

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