What to Do After the Platte River Half Marathon & Relay?

The Platte River Half Marathon & Relay is one of the best races in Denver for runners and relay teams. It’s an amazing feeling to cross the finish line, but when it’s over, you may feel a bit of sadness and be left wondering “now what?” Don’t worry! Here are some tips on how to fight the post-race blues and stay active.

Sign Up For Another Race

One of the best ways to shake off any post-race blues is to sign up for another race right away. Whether it’s another half marathon or a 5k, having something else on your schedule gives you something to look forward to and keeps you motivated. And there are plenty of local races in Colorado you can run to scratch that itch.

One of our top picks is the Colorado Marathon, our sister race held annually in May in Fort Collins, CO, along the Poudre River. This scenic downhill race offers something for runners of all levels. With a full, half, 10k, or 5k to choose from, you can challenge yourself at the perfect level while enjoying some truly breathtaking scenery along the way. Check out the race information for all the details about the upcoming marathon.

Celebrate Your Accomplishment

You just completed your race, so why not celebrate? Take some time out for yourself and do something special like going out for a nice dinner or getting a massage. Allow yourself to enjoy all that hard work you put in leading up to your race day accomplishment!

Try Something New

Cross-training can help break up the monotony of running and keep you motivated. So why not try something new, like yoga, swimming, cycling, or even pickleball? Or if you prefer sticking with running, branch out beyond road races and try trail running instead! There are so many different activities that can get your blood flowing while keeping things interesting at the same time.

Set New Goals

When you’ve accomplished a major goal like completing a half marathon or relay race, it’s important to set new goals for yourself. Setting a new goal can help keep you motivated and focused on your running journey. Ask yourself what kind of runner you want to be. Do you want to get faster? Run farther? Complete an ultra marathon or obstacle course? No matter what your goal is, make sure it is achievable and measurable so that you can track your progress over time.

Keep Track of Your Progress

It can be incredibly motivating when you look back on how far you’ve come in your journey as a runner! Find ways to track your progress — whether it’s through journaling, recording runs on an app like Strava, or simply keeping photos of each run — so that when motivation starts waning, you can look back at where you started and remember why you began in the first place. Plus, having tangible evidence of your achievements will remind you just how much hard work has gone into getting where you are today!

Whether this was your first time running a half marathon or your seventieth time running a relay race — it’s completely normal to feel lost post-race blues once all the excitement is over. However, by following these simple tips, you’ll be able to overcome any slump and hit even bigger milestones than ever before. So don’t give up — the best is yet to come! Thank you for participating in this year’s Platte River Half Marathon & Relay; we can’t wait to see you at next year’s race!