Reasons Why You’ve Earned a Post-Race Beer

After months of hard work and dedication, you’re ready to run the Platte River Half Marathon & Relay. Congratulations! Whether you’re running solo or as part of a relay team, you have trained your body and mind to prepare for this race. And now that it’s nearly here, it’s time to reward all your hard work with something special — why not a post-race beer? With this year’s post-race party and award ceremony happening at Breckenridge Brewery nearby where the race begins and finishes, we thought it would be fun to highlight a few reasons why you should treat yourself to an ice-cold after-race brew. After all, you’ve earned it!

You’ve Just Burned Thousands of Calories

Let’s be real here, you’re burning thousands of calories in a 13.1 or relay race. While the specific number of calories you burn depends on factors like body weight and composition, age, sex, speed, and the type of terrain you’re running on, most runners typically burn between 1100-1600+ calories in a half marathon. That said, you’ve definitely earned a beer or two after the race, so go ahead — indulge!

You Need to Rehydrate

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated while running, but did you know that beer can actually help you rehydrate after a run? Beer consists mainly of water (about 93%) and electrolytes, making it an excellent source of hydration — especially when consumed in moderation. Plus, beer contains antioxidants and other essential nutrients like B vitamins, which can help replenish those lost during the race. The key here is to consume water along with your frothy beverage, so down some good old-fashioned H2O before your first beer, and alternate between beer and water thereafter. Too much alcohol alone can dehydrate your body instead!

Beer Provides Carbohydrates To Refuel Muscles

Beer has carbohydrates that can help refuel your muscles after an exhausting race. Since carbohydrates are the main fuel source for exercise, having some beer post-run can help replenish what was lost during the race. Plus, beer’s diuretic properties can help flush out any lactic acid build-up from running. Keep in mind, a 12-ounce beer typically contains anywhere from 5-15 carbohydrates, which is below the recommended post-race carb intake. With that, be sure to eat some carbs and proteins along with your beer to maximize carb replenishment.

Quick Tips for Drinking Beer After a Half Marathon

Now that you know why you’ve earned that frothy post-race beer, here are five quick tips for drinking beer properly after running a marathon:

  1. Drink lots of water before you start drinking beer. Doing so will help prevent dehydration than drinking beer alone.
  2. Choose a light beer. You don’t want to drink something that is too heavy after running a marathon.
  3. Go for a low-alcohol beer. Higher alcohol content can be hard on your stomach, so it’s best to stick with a lower-alcohol beer after running a marathon.
  4. Eat food with your beer. Eating will give you a post-race carb and protein boost and help to slow down the absorption of alcohol into your system.
  5. Drink responsibly. Drink in moderation and make sure to drink responsibly as you celebrate completing a marathon.

Well, there you have it! If you plan on indulging in a post-race beer after this year’s half marathon and relay race, you can do so feeling guilt-free. Keep these tips in mind and be sure to join us for the post-race party at Breckenridge Brewery for a rocking celebration. There will be live music, free beer, a delicious cookout lunch (included with your registration), and lots of great people to celebrate with. If you haven’t registered for the upcoming Platte River Half Marathon & Relay, we encourage you to register for the race before the next price increase — and before the race reaches capacity. With that, we can’t wait to celebrate with you after the race. See you on race day, friends!